Sep 5 08 1:52 AM

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To host a game here you simply have to have a minimum of 3 players for a ST driven game. You may advertise in the Recruitment thread for interest.

Frequency of posts are up to the particulars of the group, but it is recommends that anyone wanting to ST a game should be available to post or read posts almost every day. Players should be able to post multiple times a week.

Once you have enough players to start your game, you need to contact one of the admins (Mike V, Magustoad, Stabby Mc Stabsalot) and we will set up the initial Forum for you. You will have moderator privileges over your own forum. All games require as least one thread dedicated to discussing the game and the rules so that potential new players can learn more about your game.

The forum, while dedicated to your game, will be open to all guests to view and all members to post. As of this writing we have not had a problem with someone posting in a game that they do not belong. Visitors may inquire about the game in your rules thread. If something happens that is unexpected in your game from an outside source you have the ability to delete any post. If a problem persists contact one of the Admins and we will take care of it for you.