Aug 31 12 1:42 AM

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Okay, so the rest of the staff wasn't as interested in the mini-blogs as I was, so this space is now going to be used for... experiments.

Experiments? From an RPG company? What the hell does that even mean?

It means that we're trying some new and wacky things. If you know anything about the history of WildFire, we haven't exactly had the most traditional route through the industry. Luckily, there's a lot of innovation going on right now, so we're in a good position to try some non-traditional, disruptive things.

Some of the things aren't going to be novel - we're going to be looking in to following Postmodern Studios towards Creative Commons licensing, looking in to Kickstarter, and we're going to start rolling out some organized play campaigns soon. Even though these are travelled routes, we want to make them our own, so we'll be looking for feedback from you guys.

And as far as the novel stuff goes, we're going to start by focus on fan engagement. You guys have constantly impressed us in the homebrew forum, and blew us away with the D-Engine contest. To that end, we're moving the Liber Eques Sanctus stuff to its own subforum here in the Pyro House.

And if you've got some ideas, throw 'em at me. I promise an honest opinion - that's a promise and a threat

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