Jul 25 12 5:24 AM

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Greetings friends of WildFire!

Yeah, it's been a while and I am sorry. I've been fighting so many fires, trying to bring us out of our last publisher nosedive, as well as a consuming job working on League of Legends, that I haven't had much of a chance to interact with the community.

However, I do finally have news to share and it's good news! At least, for the most part.

So WTF is up with our games?

Let me start with CthulhuTech and Burning Horizon. We are zeroing in on getting this thing published for the fall. However, we are also working to have some POD advance copies for Gen Con this year. It's not a guarantee, but Lightning Source seems to be a viable option. Sure, the cost of goods is ridiculous, but selling direct helps lessen the blow. The quality isn't as high as our usually off-set printer, but it's still good. And let's face it, we've had this book done for more than a year and we're all waiting to see the secrets we reveal within it. So, hopefully we can start some discussion with advance copies and get the rest out shortly thereafter.

We also have the Quick-Start Rules about to be available in POD. I have a copy in my hands right now. We have to charge $10 for it, even though it's free in electronic form. That's because it costs us almost that much to print! Like I said, color POD is very expensive.

Chthonian Stars is finally in print, for you Traveller fans! We will be bringing POD copies of the book, full color hardcover and all awesome, to Gen Con. Not that many, mind you, so if you're interested, find us fast! Shortly after that debut, anyone can order from DriveThru RPG.

Unfortunately, the Void will not be done for Gen Con this year. However, we are trying desperately to have a POD version of what will ultimately be our Quick-Start Rules. They are super cool and give you a fully playable game, if you want to check it out or get in on the action before the game comes out. After all, we could always use the feedback. For those of you who may have played at Gen Con last year, we gutted the system in favor of something more interesting and we are very happy with how things have turned out. The game is a whole lot more fun now, in addition to the awesome setting.

We'll also be launching the CthulhuTech and Void Organized Play adventures this year at Gen Con – for those of you attending, you'll be able to play the first two of each game. Basically, we'll release a free guide to Organized Play, and the first few adventures for free. Then, we'll release low-priced adventures in the Organized Campaign once a month, so you can have an entire turn-key campaign or play in OP events with others. We're really trying to make it easier to play our games, and GMs have to do a ton of work. This should make it much easier on GMs who don't have the time to generate their own home material.

Our cards games are still out there and making a splash. Poo continues to do well, which is great considering our current position, and Nuts is about to be back into print – in addition to winning the Origins Award for Best Card Game this year. We're already also working on the next game in this series.

If all goes well, we'll have a surprise Kickstarter before Gen Con this year – stay tuned for more news on that! It's an interesting project that we are also pumped about, that is different from our usually roleplaying excursions.

As you can see, we haven't been taking a vacation. There's just a lot of behind the scenes work that goes with trying to survive yet another publisher misadventure and striking out on our own.

So spread the news! Things at WildFire are coming back to life! The fire may have waned for a while, but the embers still carried the spark. With the right help from you, we can make everything right once again.

As always, feel free to fire away with any questions.

Thank you very much for your support!

Matthew Grau
Vice-President, WildFire
Creator of CthulhuTech & Framewerk