Sep 24 11 11:06 PM

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Nature Gone Mad is the name given to the strange wildlife that has been reported since the Cthonian Star's influence began. Even the ecologically damaged Earth of 2159 wilderness, wildlife and rural communities. And thees communities are reporting animals which are utterly different from those in the past.

For one thing, they're bigger. Before the 2150s, the largest grizzly bear on record was a male who clocked in less than 400 kilograms and less than 2 meters in length In 2152, a female grizzly was found weighing 429 kilograms and 2.5 meters in length. Intensive investigation found its mate, a male weighing over seven hundred kilograms and almost four meters in length. Similar size differentials have been reported for almost every surviving large predator. The bones and organs are a match for the weight, exceeding any previously reported biological system in their capabilities.

The creatures are also much more aggressive, and even more intelligent. The female grizzly in question killed five people before being killed, and the male nineteen. The male in particular employed tactics much more sophisticated than any grizzly on record. Yet since then animals from crocodiles to sharks to lions have been clocking up record kills, actively preferring man to other species.

Prey species have shown less marked, but clearly noticeable changes. Elephants, whales, and gazelles have grown as well, and will actively charge humans at a moments notice.

Even the vermin have changed. Bees, rats, termites, ravens and ants have grown larger, more aggressive, and have actively begun to employ what some observers with military experience call classic wave tactics. One bee swarm in Michigan -- active during winter, when the hive should have been dormant -- did not beat against a set of locked doors but went in through the air vents, stinging everyone in the building to death.

Scientists are utterly confused, for these creatures seemingly disdain every ecological, evolutionary, histological and anatomical principle known. Yet science is not all that is happening. The Cthonian Star is not merely awakening old monsters, but actively creating new ones. As its influence increases, these changes will become ever more drastic -- and even start to change humans.

Cthulhu is coming! Look busy!