Jul 5 11 2:21 PM

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I know folks here will be able to appreciate this:

Watch the Nostromo from Alien Get Rebuilt after Decades of Neglect.

The original model of the Nostromo was warped, rotted and broken down. They even found an intact possum skeleton inside. This model team rebuilt the old girl to her former glory.

"Freddie the Red-Brained Mi-Go / Had a very Slimy Brain / And If You e-ver saw Him / You would scream and go Insane..."

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Jul 5 11 9:04 PM

Awesome, there about four vids of this on the AvP Galaxy forum.

I cant wait for Prometheus, Ridley Scott directing an Alien-related (Space Jockey ftw!!) film again
Seen Michael Fassbender as Magneto in X-men: First Class - awesome actor confirmed to be in the film.
Yeah, I'm an Alien fan, especially the first film, so I'm pretty happy with all whats going on

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