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Hello everyone. I've never run CTech before, but I have a group interested in giving it a shot (though we won't start until this summer). Given so much time, I want to get planning. Really make this game a good one (I will have a first time roleplayer deciding if she likes the hobby. She does like Cthulhu and anime). So, my questions are two-fold:

1) Are there any rules I should really study? All you experienced Storyguides out there, is there some mechanic you found yourself not knowing as well as you needed to once the game actually started going?

2) Could I get some feedback on what I have planned so far? Any gaping holes? Ways to fill it in? Things that may not work so well? Also, looking for books to buy. It seems like Dark Passions and Damnation View would be the best bets. Anyway, here's the story:

Our story begins with the characters on a plane, heading from Australia to America. Why the characters were in Australia is up to them. The flight does not go smoothely. Cultists try hijacking the plane for a terrorist attack. The main characters will probably fight back and defeat the cultists. If they do, an emergency landing is forced in some European city. If the main characters do not fight back, the cultists land in a city. Either way, the characters land, and things do not look pretty - the city is completely overrun with spiders. Webs everywhere. They may wander looking for help, but all they find are cultists and spider-infested zombies. Plus the Xani http://cthulhutech.10.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2805&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

As the PCs struggle against the odd, they must also help the other survivors, well, survive. They include:
- Jessica and Jerry. A young couple from Australia, they decided that home was getting uncomfortably close to the Rapine Storm, and they decided to move, even though Jessica is pretty far into pregnancy. They are just really sweet people. I want the players to love these two, and really care if they survive or not. Jessica is probably going to give birth at some point during the game, which will provide extra complications: finding a place for her to spend hours in labor, and caring for an infant while trying to not be found. I'm debating having the kid be parapsychic (will errupt only if TPK seems likely. Gravikinesis for sure)
- Dr. Seacrest. Ashcroft Foundation psychiatrist. They're facing the Rapine Storm. They will gain insanity points. They will not have the advantage of being able to retire for a few months. They need this guy to live.
- Mrs. Tagglesworth. Old lady. She has no business surviving, but she will. This is more for the anime side than the Cthulhu side. She's pretty likely to be seen beating on Grave Things and maybe even Cthulhu with her purse and somehow surviving (n.b. not actually Cthulhu. But you get the idea).
- Xanatos Antanov. Member of the military. He was on leave to recover from wounds both physical and psychological. His vacation is nearing its end. He is a total dirtbag and thinks the world owes it to him to be at his beck and call. I mean, look what he's been through. He's likely to go on a rant like this with Jessica and Jerry kindly ask him to move over - Jessica needs to be able to get to the restroom quickly. How dare they ask him to move? He'll sit where he damn well pleases - it's because of him and all the limbs he's lost that they're even still around. F'ing ingrates.
- [unnamed] - a prostitute. Every horror movie needs a skank to die quickly, and I think making it her career helps drive home what kind of world CTech is.
- redshirts. Not everyone who dies will be someone the PCs know.
- sleeper agent. One of the survivors is actually another cultist who was in on the hijacking but didn't actively take part. His reasons will become known....

So, the main characters fight their way through the city, even as their numbers slowly dwindle down. The Xani uses hit-and-run tactics, dropping down from above, snatching someone up, and getting in a few shots before either consuming its prey or the players outrunning it. Eventually, however, they face the true foe: a Chiranae. Turns out it's been hunting them, and it finds people taste most delicious with freshly-developed arachnophobia - especially if they get to see him first. I'm still a little unsure how to make his final appearance actually stand out and not seem out of place. Maybe he misses one target, and the PCs get a warning to look out for him? I could see Xanatos going down in a blaze of glory here. But I'd rather let the PCs be the ones to catch the Chiranae. I guess I'll just handle it as an ambush attack and assume that since the PC doesn't outright die, they catch on last minute and dodge. A hit or miss reflects how well the dodge turned out - did they catch on soon enough? But here's a big problem: the PCs aren't equipped to take on an integrity-level thing, especially within his own maze of illusions. How can I tone down the Chiranae to be a scary but non TPK fight for starting characters? Characters have not been chosen yet, but I suspect there may be a Tager or two, but not a full party. At least one everyman will be there.

The PCs take down the Chiranae somehow (really tough since they likely won't find explosives or something to help them). And then the pain really begins. With the Chiranae dead, its illusions fade, and they were far more extensive than the characters suspected. They aren't in a city after all. They're in a jungle. In the middle of Rapine Storm territory (the cultists aboard the plane had served as beacons to help the Chiranae extend his illusions, and one didn't take part in the hijacking, instead being a sleeper agent among the survivors). The characters must sneak their way through the hordes to some safehouse and be among the refugees to flee. But can they do so?

I'm hoping the Xani survives, because I think it would be all the more terrifying to have it just burst down from the trees and snatch someone up. But I'm a lot less clear on what may happen after the jungle location is revealed. Just lots of running and hiding. Oh, and finding resources: food, shelter, guns, and ammo. It may get redundant. How do I avoid that? Also, I'd like the deaths of the supporting cast to be determined by PC success. Suggestions? All I'm thinking is that if the PCs botch something, the punishment isn't always the PCs getting ambushed, extra damage, etc. Sometimes it's another person dying.

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Jan 24 11 4:32 AM

Sounds cool and fun. I like the secondary characters, especially the soldier dick-head. So is this intended to be an Eldritch Society game, or just random peeps all crashing together. One suggestion, if the plane isn't going to make it to America, Europe would not be the place to head. Probably in Indonesia or the Philippines. I believe both places are Storm turf.

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Jan 24 11 9:06 AM

Nice work on the idea so far, just wish to point out that flights from Aus - US usually go over the Pacific, rather then taking the long way round. Now of course with the EoD to worry about the other way is probably safer. There is also the fact that flying over the pacific in this setting there is F-all safe places to make an emergency landing between the US and Aus, so going via Europe is probably a better call... just throwing it out there.

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Jan 24 11 10:41 AM

First comment; if the baby is going to be born with Gravikinesis, as I assume years wont be going by rapidly, then you got a baby Zoner. Put into the couple's backstory about being near Las Vegas. The character's may assume one of the couple is going to be or is a Zoner for extra fun

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Jan 25 11 1:04 AM

Thanks everyone for the feedback. It's supposed to be a random peeps game, not an Eldritch Society game. I'll allow any characters that make sense - noting that mecha or Engel pilots are probably a bad idea, as they'd have to justify having one. Now, a pilot deprived of his precious and forced to scavenge after a few rounds, that might be allowable.

Regarding Europe vs Asia - I was unclear. The European city they think they crash in - that was part of the mega illusion. They did in fact crash in Asia in Storm territory. But I'm setting up for an enormous mind screw when they realize they realize the entire city was fake. They're in a jungle in India!

Regarding baby Zoner - sure, I could throw in that background element. That said, I highly doubt my players will be well-read enough in CthulhuTech that they'd realize the Zoner thing is important. Honestly, I don't particularly care about Zoner vs regular parapsychic, and I doubt they would either. Baby with psychic powers. Cool. To some extent I think they'd be more interested if the Las Vegas accident weren't totally required.

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