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Hi guys,
just starting to put some setting detail together so you have a better idea of what I'm envisioning when describing places. I'm going for a fairly gritty blade runner sort of thematic for the setting.

The Seattle Arcology
The Seattle Arcology, a tower rising from between lake Washington and Puget Sound, lies as a gateway and staging ground into Alaska. As such it sees a high number of NEG military personnel within and outside of its walls and since the fall of Anchorage has undergone a series of modifications to its outside hopefully upping its ability to withstand attack.

Life within the Seattle arcology is cramped, heavily monitored but generally pleasant for the majority of its citizens. Day to day most people concern themselves with the act of living and try not to vocalise their feelings about the state of the world. Like the majority of arcologies, Seattle consists of five levels above ground and an extensive underground level.

The underground level is dedicated to the maintenance of the arcology. It includes things such as the Seattle Waste Reclamation Centre (the sewage farm), systems for maintaining artificial weather within the arcology and other systems that are necessary for maintaining an arcology that people don’t particularly want to see. Accessing this level isn’t restricted in anyway but even compared to the press of humanity on other levels of the arcology the underground level is tight with many access tubes requiring people to move around partially hunched over.

The ground level of the arcology is one dedicated mainly to industrial infrastructure. From factories that produce munitions for the NEG’s military through to private businesses that handle electroplating and other similar small scale operations that require dangers materials. There are also a number of warehouses owned by commercial enterprises that store the bulk of their products on this level before using the items to replace sold stock.

The first above ground level is mainly residential featuring dozens upon dozens of near identical blocks of apartments. There are a number of open parks on this level and even a number of large balconies people can use to feel natural sunlight and a breeze if so inclined. In the case of an emergency these areas can of course be covered by large armoured shutters and a few even have carefully camouflaged artillery and anti-air emplacements.

The second level above ground is again mainly residential but there are also a number of large commercial areas that have stores that cater a large number of specialty and niche markets. There are also a number of entertainment outlets here, from a theme park catering to children to a variety of cinemas and restaurants.

The third level above ground is again a mainly residential level again including a number of large balconies. One of these balconies includes a small zoo for people interested but others also include the hidden artillery and anti-air batteries. A number of apartments here have also been turned into long term officer barracks for the forces surrounding the arcology.

The final level before the roof is mainly given over to government run offices and the housing of the affluent. It has a number of wide roads used by personal transit vehicles, something the rich see as a sign of status. Above it on the roof a number of military installations are spread out, an obvious threat to anyone aiming to attack the arcology. In the centre of these garrisons, artillery batteries, anti-air sites and mech hangers sits a large airport used to transport a lot of material and personal into and out of the arcology.

EDIT - Yes this is a copy/paste of what was in the recruit thread.
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Hi Eudorus, sorry I forgot to reply to this. In my mind the tallest buildings would be on the roof since the internal buildings can only be four stories high (thinking of changing this soon though). At a guess for now I'd say ten stories would be average on the roof.

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The Arcology comprises a series of towers approximately 1600 metres tall clustered around a hub that primarily serves transport.
This is what the towers look like. The wide, lower portion serves as the main residental/commercial space. The tower serves agriculture and industrial needs. The inside of the residental zone looks like this


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