May 6 10 3:14 PM

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Encryption Code Zulu
Major Yong Zhi
First off, on behalf of everyone here at Chengdu, we all mourn the loss of Sergeant Billie "Minotaur" Tau and Private Kristel "Whiplash" Sonal, it is always regrettable to lose a comrade in arms.

Unfortunately, the battle goes on, and we have a new assignment for you folks. Joining your squad is Second Lieutenant Toneka a.k.a. Teuton, you could all learn a thing or two from him in kicking eldritch ass, and Private Katy a.k.a. Nymph, she's a green, but has shown great potential in training. I have personally informed Teuton of the mission parameters, we're all aware of recent transmission interception by the enemy.

I hope your supplies are holding out, "Beast Team" has been focused elsewhere and will be unable to make a supply delivery for some time yet. Teuton and Nymph have been given what they can.
Yong Zhi out.

Everyone's comms go silent. The only sound is the subtle whir of electricity from the congregation of mecha.
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May 6 10 4:17 PM

A glass chinks against glass over the radio as Gilles voice crackles somberly over the static "to the departed" followed by a silence and a quiet gulp, shakily wiping the whiskey off on he sleeve.

The com clicks silent then back on in the preexisting squad members cock pits "How do you like that, middle of the biggest puddle of demon sh** to ever squeeze out of the Elder gods multiple asses and command still manages to remember how much calling us trash boosts morale eh?, Boom, my last bottle of single malt says they are both demon chow by this time next week aye? I know you've had your eye on it heh heh heh, how about you boss?"(referring to Wesley)
The current bottle is up ended onto a handkerchief, as Gilles wipes down his screens and neck trying to rid them of the layer of fog starting to build up again while sterilizing himself of BO.

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May 6 10 9:46 PM

Boom listened to the transmission silently, bowing his head in respect for those who'd been lost. "S.S.D.D." He grumbles to himself as the transmission ends. Two new members, one of them a chick named Nymph? Thats gonna be trouble, he thought with a smile.

Gilles came over the Com and Boom couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, I've had my eye on it." Another short laugh, that booming voice laced with sexuality. "You never know, Mr. Gentleman, they might just make the cut, hell, might put us old dogs to shame." He says with a sarcasm that shows he doubts it highly.

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May 7 10 12:19 AM

A communications laser flickers over the two yapping mechas's visual receptors, streaking the air with tiny flashes of light as it hits pockets of condensed water vapor.

"Keep the radio chatter to a minimum, please. Laser comms only. We don't need to attract undue attention," a curt voice crackles over the intercom, representing the unseen mecha somewhere ahead of the two.

Inside the Rapier stealth mech several klicks ahead, Argent Koltou grimaces.
We're in enemy territory. They should know better. I thought they trained recruits not to give away their position behind enemy lines. Apparently I was wrong...

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May 7 10 1:30 AM

Gilles fingers flicker over the comms panel as he aligns his own VDU at Argent and sighs "sorry sir, but relax, we're only on short wave and seeing as your still talking to us I am guessing theres nothing inside of three and a half clicks, try to relax once in a while or you'r head will be stuck here forever, take one of those Diazapam tablets I gave you, and try smiling, your about to get another pro to help you whip us into shape... oh and take a minuet to remember whip and bull face, it will do you know good trying to forget... thats your psychiatrists professional opinion" gilles chuckles a little and lets the comm go silent, he couldn't get angry at Argent, the man had been out here longer than either him or boom... it must have been hard to see so many team mates killed, as the scout he could imagine that Argent blamed himself for more than one of those deaths and knew it was only because he gave a damn, more than could be said for anyone in command.

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May 7 10 1:54 AM


".......puppy" Izzy sighed dejectedly as he occasionally snapped at a few buttons with his large fingers, or pushed down his foot on the stiff pedal in his cockpit to make his hydra, a monstorsity of junkyard engineering all sharp angles and shambling armor, go forward.

"Ah c'mon Izzy ya know base only allows dogs onto base so that they can feed all the chinks. Would you want da poor puppy to end up adjutant Yong's lunch?" steam and bubbling gas floated around all three of the squad's mechs as they slowly trudged through the fetid swamp. HQ said something about recovering a wrecked Khopesh and a couple of Storms for salvage not that Kyzan believed those fuckwits. More than likely they were decoys sent off to draw away some, or hopefully all, of the enemies so that "the "heroes" could have a better time of it.

"Will you two shut up about that goddamn puppy!" Mouri screamed through the comm.

"Whatssa matta? you gettin hungry Kin?"


"Look what you DID, you made Izzy cry. apologize NOW!"

"I have no need to apologize to an idiot"

"You will when I shove your own sidearm up your ass.....no ya know what? As your superior I order ya to shove your pistol up your ass, all five pounds of jagged steel of it."

"This is clear abuse of rank. I am going to report you to Major Yon-"

"Shut it" Kyzan's hydra raises its left hand to order her squad to a halt. "everybody take a look at your sensors somethings not right."

-all three are gonna make observation checks, Izzy got student (1), Kyzan's got novice (2), Kin's got nada.

Are the Federation's mobile suits monsters?!

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May 7 10 2:05 AM

"If you want me to relax so badly, you're welcome to take my watch tonight, Giles, in addition to your own, of course."

The stealthed mech deactivates its VDU and returns to passively scanning the area for hostiles. Danger always struck when people around him let their guard down. Argent learned from their mistakes. Relax when you sleep. Otherwise, stay on your toes or die, especially where the zombie freaks are concerned.

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May 7 10 10:50 AM

Katy rolled her eyes hidden within her Storm at the inane chit-chat around her.

She keeps her eyes intent on the Radar holoscreen infront of her, only periodically looking at the main HUD at the battlefield ahead.

Things were quiet at the moment, almost too quiet. Katy opens a laser comm (encrypted via IFF) to her comrades;

"Too quiet to be a good thing. Suggest moving ahead to comb the area further."

Katy squirms a little in her seat, her too-tight and short miniskirt riding up uncomfortably as she tries to get as comfortable as she could. It looked like it would be a while before anything interesting happened.

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May 7 10 12:02 PM

Thump. Thump. Thump. The ground shakes as something large and heavy approaches. All thoughts of stealth vanish as an MV-15 Claymore rounds the corner of a nearby hill. The heavy weapons battle mech straightens up; at its maximum height of 36 feet, it towers over the other mechs assembled before it. The mech is painted in dark green and brown camoflauge, except for a small spot on the upper chest, where you can see a coat of arms rendered in black and yellow.

You hear a click from your comm system as the pilot hails you over laser link. "I am 2nd Lieutenant Toneka. Our mission parameters are as follows. Approximately 20 kilometers to the southwest of our position is a Rapine Storm Encampment. It has been used for attacks against NEG observation posts along the Kill Zone. We have been ordered to gather intel on the encampment, and, if we determine that such a thing is possible, destroy it." Click.

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May 7 10 1:41 PM

The private channel in boom's mech light up the inbox with a text message reading a short and quizzical message,
'Is he posing? or am I just imagining it cause I'm pretentious?'
Breathing gently and putting on his game face Gilles slaps himself in the face a couple of times and shakes his sillies out before returning connection
"Glad to have you on board 2IC, thanks for the uh, concise briefing, always good to have experience on the front, the quiet OIC here is Wesley, he goes by the name weasel, the Maelstrom with the twitchy trigger finger over there is boom, I'm the resident psychotherapist, morale officer and sensory Para Psychic support Gilles. Somewhere around is Argent, we call him spook ehh you probably can't see him but he can hear you, he's our scout and local Veteran."
Pausing a moment to take a breath Gilles ventures a chance and further interaction, "I'm guessing your Teuton by the description command gave us and the old school mech behind you is Nymph, in the interest of keeping Minotaurs tradition alive... Welcome to the asshole of the Elder gods"
"so boss" Gilles mech turns slightly towards the Hurricane beside him "Orders?"

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May 7 10 4:33 PM

Drifting his laser to Teuton and Nymph, he simply says, "Welcome," but in a tone that very heavily implies 'don't fuck up.'

Moving on, he splits his tightbeam to the team as a whole. "Concerning our orders, I'll go ahead. Wait here until I've scouted the area and have established a position where I can provide firing and logistical support. I'll tight beam you info on the best places to attack when I get in position."

"For those of you with rockets, keep them primed for indirect fire. I'll be doubling as a spotter from my sniping position and I may need to call on you to provide diversionary fire until we can get a foothold."

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May 7 10 7:44 PM

Boom laughs, replying to Gilles' message. "Probably just pretentious, we'll see though."

He 'listens' to the conversation as it continues and the a message shoots over the tightbeam but its obvious who its in reply to. "Ohhh Spooky, I love it when you talk dirty."

Slots slip open, and the ignition systems activate, ready to fire the rocket pods mounted on his shoulders. "Be care out there man, all shit-talk aside."

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May 8 10 6:50 AM

"Well, I figure I'll slide on down and check out that so-called base. Maybe point out the traps or big mech-eating worm or whatever else I find before you stumble over it. You still owe me 20 after all, and collecting from a dead guy is a pain in the butt."

His voice is reptile smooth, and his Nazzadi mech slinks a little lower to the ground as he passes under a low-hanging tree amidst the triple-canopy jungle. A predator sniffing out an interesting scent trail.

"Just hope that artillery doesn't finish them all off. Be a shame to kill them all that clean."

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May 8 10 4:08 PM

Gilles took a deep breath and just sighed, reserve... again. Stay alert, keep watch, remain ever vigilant but god, by no means actually DO anything. The radio crackles back into life "yessir..." over drawn but dutiful in tone.
"f**k it" gilles mumbles to his own cockpit "if they want to do it all by themselves, they are welcome to it.

The Blizzard Gilles had named 'fuil' steps out to the side of the formation, letting the rest of the group pass before taking his usual position at the rear of the group and checking his watch, what would normally have been a 10 minute trip, with the 'broad sword' would now take the better part of an hour.

Setting the LIA (limited artificial Intelligence) take over and designating the mech in-front of him as lead, Gilles just let go of the controls and tried to relax. "ughh... why am I even here..."

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May 8 10 4:33 PM

"With all respect sir, I request that you allow me to check it out first. I can get in and out without anyone noticing, especially since I'm the one in a stealth-mech, and send you the coordinates for the slaughter... or, if their numbers are a bit too large for us to handle, send you the information that will keep us from being needlessly killed."

"After all sir," he adds, "There'll be plenty of chances to spill xenos blood once I retrieve the proper data for an attack..."

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May 8 10 10:55 PM

"Yeah yeah, take point and make sure nothing obvious is in our line of approach. I'll be a couple hundred meters back at the head of the main effort with the deep scans. You've got the sneaky mech, but I've got the one with the best eyes."

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May 8 10 11:23 PM

Teuton's Claymore falls into step behind the other mechs. There is a soft whirring as the covers for his rocket launchers retract. "Understood. Rocket pod armed for indirect fire and awaiting target coordinates.". Click.

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May 9 10 2:06 AM

"Roger, sir, forgot about that giant active probe array of yours."

Argent pulls up a satellite-generated entropic display over the command console of his mech. The data is old, compiled before the start of the Aeon war, but it should still be accurate for the most part. A three dimensional entropic display materializes in front of him showing different geographic features such as elevation, magentism, forest density, roads and other factors that haven't been filtered out for relevancy's sake. He sets his Rapier on autopilot as he generates a set of waypoints optimized for stealth and/or sensor resolution (please notify if a roll is required).

"Uploading waypoints to your Navi, sir. Assuming you stay about half a mile behind me, I should be able to provide you first warning if any baddies come your way."

"Secondarily," he adds, "I've plotted our course to run through several of these basins and valleys," several of the waypoint icons change color, "That should shield us from passive sensors and screw with active ones. The rest of the team can follow two or three clicks behind us and use these same blind spots for concealment."

"Points Delta and Zeta, here and here," two more points change a third color, " Are high ground with minimal interference. We can probbably get a good sense of what we're up against from there, but we run a higher risk of being detected, especially if the enemy has set up sensor posts themselves."

"Any critiques, sir?"

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May 10 10 3:48 PM

As Argent let the way Gilles dosed a little, resting his eyes, and thinking back on his life, images of his parents and his friends at the NEG training facility surfaced, and melted back into his sub conscious, lessons taught and training as an event rose to the fore front of his mind, a day when one of his colleges mind twisted inside he remembered watching his aura as it turned to fear and pain before the shimmer violently warped into a maddening haze, forceful and pure... Evil
Gilles twisted the little controls as he opened the laser comms up to his fellow team mates "... do you think those stories are true?.... do those things called.. 'Desolate ones' really exist?

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May 11 10 6:16 AM

Boom heads out, trailing a little behind the other mecha, maintaining his customary position as artillery support.

He thinks about what Gilles says, wondering what to say then finally, he replies. "Wouldn't surprise me with all the crap we see out there nowadays."

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May 11 10 10:59 AM

Katy opens up a laser comm to her team and speaks in a low voice;

"I dont know if they exist, but back in the arco, there was this night club and one night in the summer before I signed up, I saw a punch of SPAT PAs sent in to the area round that club and they were fighting one person, that person had no PA, they were on-foot. Didnt get much of a look-in, the area was sealed off to the public, but thats a bit of an overkill for a drunk reveller, huh? Thats what kinda made me want to get out and see what was outside the arco, but seems things arent much better out here. Overall, from what I saw that night in the arco, it makes you think what we could be dealing with out here..."

With that Katy switches her laser comm away for dramatic effect and then turns the comm over to Argent;

"Hey, got anything I can add to my NavComp screen at the moment? I hate this Radar silence and I could do with something to add to my Nav Data."

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