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Jan 23 10 9:59 AM

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Please post any Editing Errors that you find in this thread and only this thread. Please DO NOT post them in the Errata threads as they are not errata. In this thread, post all errors pertaining to spelling, grammar, syntax, or other errors that would normally be the province of an editor. Thank you.

Please note that I am a Site Admin/Moderator. I am NOT a Wildfire or Catalyst staff member, or C-Tech developer and I am NOT authorized to speak on their behalf, nor to make official rulings about C-tech setting or rules.

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#1 [url]

Jul 7 10 1:45 PM

Vade Mecum, page 107, the paddlebug is listed as having an airspeed, even though it doesn´t have an A-Pod and powered armors are too small for A-Pods anyway. It should probably only have a ground and water speed.

Nazzadi aquatic Mecha, pages 99-100. All but the power armor have A-Pods, and A-Pods usually means they can fly, but the A-Pod carrying Mecha only have a lister water speed. Mecha that only swim usually have buoyancy instead of A-Pods.

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#2 [url]

Oct 19 10 9:42 PM

In Ancient Enemies

Pg 82 - under Statistical Requirements, "...a potential Bloodgod must ..."
It should be "...a potential Wraith must ..."
Pg 122 - under Supernatural Abilities, "The mystical special abilities of Tagers are..."
Should be "The mystical special abilities of Dhohanoid's are..."
Pg 125 - the movement and speed of the Gelgore has "Flying (triple)"
I don't think the Gelgore can fly.

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#3 [url]

Feb 1 11 7:18 PM

On the NEG reference card, as part of the GM Screen, the Mk-5 and Mk-10 names for the power armours have been switched.

On the 2085 World Map, Yellow Storm is being referenced, instead of Rapine Storm (guess you used an old map from the beta version )

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