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Jul 16 10 9:09 PM

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For the last four months you have been processed through an intensive training and shakedown on the range of Sword Class mecha. The period has been rapid and extremely busy for all of you, you have been tested and put through a range of exercises both to put you and the new mechs through their paces.

Upon completion you are assigned your transit orders. The training class of just less than a hundred is split up and moved to locations across the globe.

You all find yourselves at the Ramstein Combined Forces Base, formerly one of the primary NATO airbases in Europe and previous to the formation of the NUN the hub of the USAF in West Germany.

Now several times it's original size the base is a primary hub of the NEG's logistic and command efforts in the wake of the mass Nazzadi landings in the Komi region of Russia. Several runways and dozens of dispersion pads handle a regular flow of heavy military traffic, aircraft hangers and handling areas are joined with massed mecha bays and barracks.

A large percentage of the new construction is underground, level upon level of hardened bunkers, storage and military facilities, security is tight defences are heavy and multi-layered.

Upon your arrival it is clear traffic is at a heightened level, you are corralled as a group and transported to your assigned barracks in a separate section of the base. In spite of the obviously increased population you are assigned individual rooms which while small, is a degree of personal space you will not have experienced since before you joined the military. However you are under increased security and limited to movement within the base, much of which you are restricted from.

You have yet to be assigned your mechs and are to attend briefing at 06:30 tomorrow, in the meantime you have the luxury of free time.
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Jul 16 10 9:55 PM

The Gym

Every muscle burned, sweat ran freely from every pore and a groan of intense concentration forced it's way from her protesting lungs. She could feel blood pounding in her head, the lean rubber-hard muscles of her thighs and abdomen and she could feel the acidic protests of muscles worked to the point of exquisite destruction.
Her elbows touched the bar for the forty eighth time.

Immediately she relaxed, allowing gravity to swing her inverted torso back to the vertical and again banging her shins against the padded resistance bar. She exhaled fully, flushing carbon dioxide from her lungs and instantly knew there was no way she was going to complete a forty ninth inverted crunch. Fortunately her Staff Sergeant McCall knew it too, whether by expert observation or some unspoken sympathy she did not know. At this point an elegant dismount would have been desirable unfortunately there was no way of knowing if her oxygen deprived stomach muscles would permit such a thing so Shoshanah was obliged to accept the assistance of her instructor. Not that this was difficult for him, from the looks of him McCall could have weighed a good 110 kilos with not a gram of unnecessary fat on him.

"Thankyou sergeant," She smiled her slightly awkward smile and pretended not to notice he'd not put her down for much longer than he'd needed to.

"At least I will be able to tell my medical review board you did everything you possibly could to get me up to standard. This should not reflect on you at all"

"six kilos in 8 weeks is pretty good, I do not think anyone needs to stick up for me, It is not like they will find a trace of fat on you"

Suddenly the sweat dripping down her face was unbearable, the gym smelled unbearably stale. She mopped her face with a towel retrieved from the bench beside the parallel bars
"I have to brief the new jocks tomorrow 0600 and a medical review after that, I gotta go, I'll call you when I get my new orders"


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Jul 17 10 8:19 AM

Spock (or HHKA) was standing next to his large Gladius, oil stenches across his aged face, trying in vain to clean a sticking mixture of oil, hydraulic fluids, coolant and other more or less toxic fluids from his working gloves. It didn't help that the mop he was trying to use had been with him since almost a decade and looked it.

range">OK, get me some power and connections PW1 to PW10. Start at 80 % and then pump it up steadily until 100 %. Be careful of the gauges PG1 and PG2 - they must not exceed 10 kA.

He watched with intent eyes as the Techs brought power into his Gladius, the words "Pain Express" painted in ugly blood-red across the chest's both sides. The plasma canon started to glow red as energy rushed through them. He read the gauges and looked satisfied as his new energy couplings seemed to do the trick.

range">OK, now pump it up to 120 %.

Power couplings started to glow a bit, as the plasma canon charged beyond the design point. Suddenly sparks flew all over and an arc emerged from one the main circuit breakers, bridging the metres to the ground and leaving a scorch mark there.

range">Interesting. Gonna have to see if I can build a weapon like that.

And aloud to the Techs.

range">OK, that's it. We're replacing the circuit breaker for today. Somebody order 200 metres of the next wire gauge and circuit breakers with 30 % more load. And call the cleaning team that they need to take care of the marks on the ground. Good work everyone!

He'd have to replace the electrical power lines, if there was sufficient space, in order for his beefed plasma canon to really shine and get the power it needed in order to boost damage. Damn! There was always so much to do.

Time to get a good shower and load the 3D computer model of his Mech in order to check where and how to route the new electrics. Oh yeah, and there was this bloody briefing tomorrow morning, so he'd best get some sleep. Well, eat first.

Off he went to shower and then to eat - maybe he'd meet some other people of his new unit there.

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Jul 17 10 8:32 PM

The gun fire around him didn’t faze Steve in the least. He had been doing this for years. He pulled his Glock, a smooth draw. Six shots rang out in quick pairs, two hits in the chest cavity to each of the targets before him. He holstered his weapon; he’d fired his 100 rounds for the day. As he walked back to his barracks he pondered his life. He knew he’d see plenty of combat soon, which didn’t bother him. The extra pay would be welcome.

The daylight was still in full swing, but he knew it would begin to fade soon. He wanted to get food relatively soon, so he hurried to his bunk. He slowed as he passed the gym, it’s glass walls revealing a lean young woman. He paused for a second, trying not to stare, but he couldn't help it. He shook himself out of it, worried she’d notice his staring, and pushed onward. He dropped his ammo box on his bunk, dropped the magazine from his sidearm and cleared the chamber, putting the round back in the mag. He put the two spare mags in the Kydex pouches on his right hip, and put the third in the pocket on his tactical pants.

As he approached the mess hall, he hoped he’d meet some of his soon-to-be teammates. Maybe the woman from the gym would be one...

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Jul 18 10 4:46 PM

individual shower stalls, steaming hot water and gloriously cleansing (horribly expensive and beautifully scented- a girl has to be permitted some vices) soap filled the entire universe of her perception. Only the distant insistent grip of hunger in her belly compelled her to wash, dry and dress with a degree of dispatch, otherwise it is quite conceivable she would have indulged the obscuring stream and pounding water and privacy for hours, no one bothers you in the shower.

Except power cuts.
The lights blinked out, the water pressure fell to almost nothing
Shoshanah did not swear but she wanted to. Doubtless some asshole over in weapons testing decided to overstress the transformers again. The power would kick in in a few moments but the water would be icy cold and all the joy of an indulgently long shower was gone.
Unfortunately she did not act rapidly enough to forestall the blast of icy cold water as the power kicked back in but the heater failed to keep pace with the water pressure. It rather ruined her mood so she killed the water and managed to make the act of drying and dressing almost violent.

Still at times like this there is only one thing to put a smile back on a girl's face: Dessert

Shoshanah heads to the mess hall.

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Jul 18 10 5:22 PM

On their way to the mess hall, both Shoshanah and Steve will bump into a person, which still reeks of oil and hydraulics - it is the unmistakable smell of the Mech hangar. The slightly elderly man has a distant look and excuses himself. If it were not for the (not as tidy as should be) uniform with a higher rank and sign as Mech pilot (not polished), one could mistake him for a tech.

A certain air of ozone and burnt electronics did not wash off in the shower, but HHKA liked it that way. In his mind, circuit diagrams already placed themselves in what was to be tomorrow's configuration. He was so absent that he did neither smell nor see nor feel the gorgeous and totally ... wow! ... girl that he ran into, just as she seemed to be getting out of her quarters.

Enveloped in her sweet smell and the short impact of what would be steel hard muscles (he couldn't help but notice: well positioned curves, too). He was mumbling in his beard something like range">So, tomorrow more power and then I'll get the weapons to full potential ... OH SORRY! M'am! I am sorry! So sorry!

His hand leaves a small oil mark on her left sleeve and he just hopes she doesn't notice as he walks on to the mess - on the way bumping in a few other people - only one he notices, the strong smell of powder still on him.

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Jul 18 10 6:14 PM

Chocolate makes everything better, that is the theory at least. It felt strange to be wearing the overlarge bloused MTP of an intelligence officer in place of the tailored olive drab of a Mech Jock, unfortunately the rules of the mess were essentially cast in iron, uniformed personnel only.
Even the crowned union rose on her shoulder flash felt strange. On the up side, the MTP would be easier to clean which was particularly important now. Only the superior rank of the careless sloven had saved him from a sharp rebuke but he'd left an ugly grey-black smudge of oil or carbon or some sort of nasty residue she did not want to touch. As if it was not hard enough making general issue gear look presentable on her undersized frame, some absent minded jerk could just make her look even more like an ill kempt child.
Fortunately nothing in the mess rules prevented her bypassing the main course and going straight for the dessert, at this stage with medical review in the morning and still four kilos to gain there was no point in even trying to be good about her diet. There would be dessert for an aperitif, a main course of dessert and then maybe more dessert for a digestif, followed by sweet creamy coffee and probably more dessert.

Fuck doctors orders, when a girls career is over she needs a treat. In the absence of a decent screw (she was suddenly reminded it was three and a half years since her last sexual partner) chocolate would have to do.

At almost 9 pm the officers mess was pretty well heaving but from her seat in the corner she projected her glum aura of discontent and attacked her chocolatey supper with gusto.

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Aug 4 10 11:16 PM

slow breath in. lower the bar. rest. controlled exhale as the bar is pressed up.


slow breath in. lower the bar. rest. controlled exhale as the bar is pressed up.


ignore the pain. two more. slow breath in. lower the bar. rest. controlled exhale as the bar is pressed up.


chest is burning. last one. slow breath in. lower the bar. rest. controlled exhale as the bar is pressed up.


Emilio, dripping sweat and flushed with excursion, presses out a bonus rep before racking the 70 kilo bar. He gets up from the bench, wipes his body off with a towel, and heads to the showers. He checks the water and lowers the heat a bit. He plunges his face into the cool water, letting the stream cascade down his chest. The soap feels more like a scouring pad as he drags it across his skin. For perhaps the first time in his military career, Emilio truly relaxes. No need to be the best at everything he does. No worries of whether he is the strongest, fastest, best shot, greatest pilot. For 25 minutes, he is just Emilio Diaz, Common Showering Human.

Alas, nothing lasts forever. He turns off the now-freezing water and grabs a towel on the way to his locker. He dresses and heads to the mess for some after-workout chow.

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Aug 5 10 5:51 PM

Coming out of the hangar, Spock surveyed the damage done to the Mechs, then shook his head.

range">So much damage, so weak. Damn, so much we can learn from the Opposition

Straightening his hair somewhat and sniffing quickly under his arms, he walks over to the babe's Mech and gets a maintenance platform up to her cockpit, knocking on the glass.

range">So, you're gonna come out and show us your pretty face, lass?

Awkward smile - it does scream N E R D all over the place. And then he's old...

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Aug 6 10 12:41 AM

The helmet she'd been obliged to use was simply too small and had squashed her sweat slick hair tight against her scalp giving her the visage of an incompletely drowned kitten. Minor scratches on her temples had bled copiously. The cockpit stank of sweat and blood. Someone was in for a shitty time cleaning up. The canopy seal parted with a hiss of escaping air that made Shoshanah a little sorry for anyone standing out there. The techs would probably be used to it she thought. Stinky cockpits are par for the course.

"She ran fine Chief." she says without even looking up at the face standing atop the ladder and unbuckling her safety harness.

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Aug 6 10 4:14 PM

Spock remained for a second speech-less. Yeah, she looked good. And damn, he knew her from somewhere... ah well. For the moment, she was just another bloody skunks and he was hard-pressed to keep his mind concentrated.

Coughing he replied.

range">Well, lassy, sure looks like it ran fine for you. But the bloody stains just don't look well on you.

And handing her a tissue handkerchief that visibly also was used as oil wiper before having been washed continues.

range">I'll have the Techs piece that hulk of outdated machinery back together. Until then wipe your sweet face off! Debriefing in 10, don't bother trying to shower first. I want impressions and intel first, while it's fresh in your minds. Come on lassy, jump out, time's running.

He grins something between a fatherly and predatorly smile and stretches a hand to her.

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Aug 6 10 9:00 PM

The wolverine, being one of the earliest products of D-engine arcanotechnology had some major egonomic limitations. On boarding it was possible for an agile and reasonably small person to simply clamber up theside using retrofitted handholds and then perform a complex inversion/rotation movement in order to actually enter the cockpit. On the other hand, debussing without assistance was almost impossible without risking injury. On this basis alone Shoshanah decided that even a creepy helping hand was better than none at all.

"Not my mech Lieutenant, my last machine was a centurion called Shiva, this ancient piece of crap was just the first fighting machine I could lay my hands on"

With HHKA's assistance she carefully extracts herself from the cockpit, grateful for the relatively concealing battledress in place of the skintight OD of a mech pilot plug-suit.

"I need to get this cleaned up Sir, I'll join for briefing momentarily"

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Aug 7 10 6:39 AM

Looking her up and down, there is a somewhat regretful smile at her wearing her battledress. However, he obviously tries to keep it straight (though his eyes betray him) and act as if he was just a superior officer.

range">I know Shiva. Registry 67-CV-8B, chassis number 0056, standard 08 and standard's chassis number 0003. She's in the Sword hangar, if I'm not all that wrong. Though I think I need to put her back together... she's still got three coils of the engine non-engaged ... and, well [rueful smile] a lot of other things, frankly.

He struggles a bit with her weight, doing a graceful contortion to get his one foot around a metal hold on the floor, the other to steady himself, and both arms to pull - Shoshanah realizes that he's probably feebler than her. One could easily thinkg Vegetable

As he pulls her up and she briefly comes closer to him, she can smell the tell-tale smell of old oil, never really washing away, together with sweat and the stench of hydraulics and cockpit machinery.

range">That was good work out there, your intel was very welcome.

Sniffing shortly and looking her over, while the maintenance platform slowly descended.

range">OK, let's say we push that briefing back. Let's grab a shower and meet up in 30.

He links into the unit's com. range">Shower now, room 05, all welcome. De-brief in 30 in room 08-B.

range">It's a mixed shower room, so you can come, too. And they fixed the power I was told and my next experiment is only scheduled for tomorrow, so water should be warm.

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Aug 7 10 7:09 AM

There was little chance of Shoshanah keeping her expression neutral but she at least managed to restrain herself to faint disapproval instead of outright anger, she covered well.

"Laundry services never has anything to fit me. I'll head to my quarters and meet you at O8-B in 30, thanks for the hand Captain"

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Aug 7 10 10:13 AM

Walking into a rather long shower and getting re-dressed afterwards in his preferred Techie cloth, HHKA is in the briefing room after roughly 20 minutes.

Briefing Room
He preps the holo-console and pulls the read-outs from the attacks, then individual team performance. And, overall, Mech performance.

Also part of the scenery: freshly cooked coffee (extra strong) and green tea. A selection of cookies and the lost-looking 28 year old HHKA, sipping on a cup while musing over videos and images taken from the Nazzadi's weapons. His back is turned to the door and he's totally absorbed in his own thoughts, forgetting about time and when the team makes it.

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Aug 8 10 6:16 PM

Shoshanah races back to the BOQ, strips, soaps up, rinses off, dresses then haul's ass back to debrief with a stop in at the mess to grab food and collect boomstick.

She makes it to debrief with seconds to spare.

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Aug 10 10 6:38 PM

Emilio had just finished his salsbury steak and was dredging his potato cakes through the remaining gravy when Shoshanah found him in the mess hall. Stuffing the last 3 cakes and a handful of grapes into his mouth, then downing the last of his lemon-flavored drink, he jogs his way to the briefing. He chokes down what has become a lemon-gravy-grape-potato mush in his mouth, instantly regretting not taking the time to swallow before pouring his drink down his gullet.

He is right on Shoshanah's heels as she enters the room before him. He pours himself a cup of coffee, mostly just to get the horrible taste out of his mouth, and sits down.

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Aug 11 10 4:11 PM

It takes HHKA a small while to realize that everyone is in the room - during those 30 seconds, schematics wildly fly over the screen, together with scenes from their engagement, tactical overviews - and a host of other information.

He then turns around, and sits himself comfortably on one of the tables, the screens behind him going blank for the moment.

range">Hey together. His voice is calm and one can he see his age now - albeit being only 28, he has too many white strains in his otherwise chest-nut hair and his left arm hangs partially limb from his side, while he takes out two small pills with his right and swallows them, followed by a copious amount of water.

range">We don't know each other, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Hans-Hermann Karl Alfred Krüger - but you can either call me HHKA or Spock, as you wish. You might know my face from the last bulletin on Sword Mecha.

I'm not a pilot or soldier by focus or destiny, but rather by neccessity. I'm a scientist and Mech tech, and a good one at that. Been working mostly on energy weapons for Mechs and on the Broadsword project, for now over 6 years - a long time, I've practically seen the birth of the project.

He smirks shortly and you might remember that in the newspapers his pictures was depicted next to some hazy, not quite exact images of the Sword type Mecha prototypes and some mention of a Dr. Ing. (PhD in engineering).

range">So first I wanted to thank you and tell you good work out there. I dunno if we'll stay as squad together and if I'll stay your captain, but for the moment it seems I am. So again, good work, all.

Now, your turn, introduce yourselves shortly, please.

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Aug 14 10 12:01 AM

Shoshanah does not waste time on pleasantries.

"All of that shit you are looking at is a waste of time. We won because the Nazzadi were not serious about winning, they blew in, did whatever they came for and left so why not let the higher ups do their job instead of second guessing and hauling us around with you"

As she speaks her accent gets thicker and thicker until she is again speaking like a Morroco peasant with a hint of French.
Then looking like she is about to cry or possibly attack someone she storms out saying as she goes "Why the fuck do I even bother"

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Aug 14 10 6:52 AM

range">Jeez, Miss, enough hostilities outside these walls. Don't need to take them inside, nor between us. But hell, since you come from intel, I guess you know better than myself about Nazzadi tactics.

Realizing she's out of the room he shrugs.

range">Ah well ... yeah.

He looks expectantly at the others in the room, to see if anyone else will just walk out, if the girl will come back when the brass comes or if they just get up and leave.

range">Damn, don't I know nothing about leading.... he thinks to himself, still wondering what the fuck just happened.

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