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May 11 10 7:59 PM

The comms laser once again splits into the visual recievers of the other mechs. "Oh... pardon. Forgot. Uploading navigational packets to your Navis now."

"And on the note of Desolate Ones, you know the rules of engagement. Out here, if it isn't blue, shoot it. If it doesn't die under concentrated fire, retreat and alert the rest of us. Pondering one's existance won't do us any good."

This is not a one line post.

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May 12 10 4:09 AM

"ugh you officer class fellers are so boring, would it kill you to consider the ramifications of understanding the motives and reasoning behind the enemy? Least the Rook had something interesting to say, think about it, what does that tell us from that story, there is absolutely no warning when it happens, it can happen anywhere, they are tough as all hell and look like your average person in most respects, on the upside however they are rare, this we can establish from the lack of widespread news, they are generally not directly confrontational at first as in most castes the containment only required a few arrests and they tried to flee... this means they feel fear and pain"
Gilles began typing a few things down in his logs, fast compiling some data
"see isn't psychology fascinating, look at what we are learning already"
Gilles paused a moment and groans loudly before a soft sigh and hanging his head "yea yea... shutting up sir, don't need to be psychic to know thats comeing..."

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May 12 10 1:28 PM

Katy opens the Nav File and applies it to her NavComp, the screen changing with the applied GPS points Argent had noted. Listening to Argent's comm to the team, she thinks;

"Thats pretty much a comfirmation of its existence, no denial or changing the subject, just an order to wipe out non-IFF confirmed. Looks like we really are in hell round these parts..."

Katy then listens in to Gilles comm back to Argent and giggles to herself. At least someone here appreciates a good yarn.

She sends a private text comm over to his mech that reads;

Thanks for liking the tale, but dont go getting in trouble with the higher-ups on my account ^_^

She then sends an open audio comm over to the commander;

"Just a comm to confirm I believe Argent's plan is best. Shall stay in the valleys noted at a minimum of 2 miles, as my NavComp is formatted to miles instead of kilometers and have Points Delta and Zeta for the mechs here more used to stealth and recon."

"By being placed in either vicinity of Delta or Zeta, wherever my Multi-class Battle Mech is more useful, I can cover whichever mechs are placed on these points."

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May 12 10 2:23 PM

Boom laughs a little at Gilles. He opens his link to him, sending to him directly. "Gilles bro, one day you're gonna get us all killed. Not by the enemy, but an officer's gonna snap and kill the both of us HAHA"

He reads over the Navi information sent to him, his mind quickly picking out the best spot to set up for tactical application of his rockets. He seems to think for a moment, before deciding with his speed, he might be best sticking near the backlines, where he was comfortable anyway, and where he usually found himself regardless.

He signals the whole team. I'll be holding position a half-kilo behind Nymph, and move to support wherever my artillery is best needed. Waypoint Delta or Zeta, rearward 1/2 kilo, confirm.

He switches his coms again, and with a smile he sends to Gilles. "We counting kills? Winner buys the drinks tonight, what do you say... punk? He had no worry Gilles would take it the wrong way, they'd been friends long enough that he would know Boom's humor by now.

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May 14 10 12:29 PM

Katy did some calculations in her head, deciding how long it would take her to react to any oncoming assault.

"Moving at a consistent 60mph from 2 miles away, thats 1 mile per minute, holding back at that distance should take 2 minutes of travel from the hiding place I decide on to get into combat range..."

Katy opens up an encrypted IFF sound only comm to the entire group.

"It'll take two minutes based on my position to react to any combat the Recons may face, a little more for Boom who'll be taking my rear guard. If anyone is unhappy with that delay I can stick closer, down to a mile, reducing the delay to one minute, any closer and I risk getting spotted along with whoever may spot my assigned Recon.
So... it'll be up to whichever Recon I'm guarding to decide where exactly Boom and I will be in relation to them."

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May 14 10 1:11 PM

Teuton brings the entropic display up and studies it for a moment. "Due to my mecha's size, it will be difficult, if not impossible for me to conceal myself. I would recommend that I occupy a commanding position from whcih I can use my firepower most effectively, or a position at the head of any attack group, where I could function as a spearhead. Recommendations?". Click.

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May 14 10 1:41 PM

Gilles returns comms quickly pausing a little during conversation as his mind flickers through numbers and some general applications of thought.

"I'll stick close, I have the fastest response time in our current regiment, not to mention I can be in effective weapons range with inside og 40 second should we hit 'Tarfu' not to mention rook, with me around, there is no chance anyone will sneak up on us, its simply a tactical impossibility. which reminds me, we are starting to hit red zone"
pausing a moment Gilles concentrates shortly and closes his eyes


result = 28
critical sucess

as he opens his eyes the blue glow pours from them and the world around him lights up, every living animal every team mate surrounded in a colored hue and the semi transparent cross sections of the world around him become aware in full 360 degree arc, closing his eyes to stop any distractions and trying to let the sight extend to the edge of reason.

"nnggh, stupid migraines"


result 16

at -1 for next


3 hours

Gilles falls in next to Nymph and runs a quick surface diagnostic and rattles off his status.

"mobility... unimpaired, armor... unimpaired, support systems... unimpaired, sensory systems... Unimpaired, lightening gun,.. armed and functioning, charge beam... armed and functioning, rocked pods... armed and functioning, hyper-edge... armed and functioning, acid drip systems... armed and functioning, regenerative hull... armed and functioning, Gilles combat ready all, holding at unit nymphs position, 75 yard displacement... if you want me somewhere else just say, Stay alive everyone.

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May 17 10 2:21 PM

Katy thinks over the NavComp blips on the holoscreen before her.

"So thats Boom and Gilles in my team at least. That leaves Teuton and the Freak Squad for the other recon assigned. Just need to decide who needs us three, Spook or Weasel."

Katy sends an IFF sound-only comm to the entire group;

"So my team consists of myself, Boom and Gilles. If the Aggressor Squad defends the second Recon assigned and Teuton can give us orders from a third point, which I will leave to himself and Spook to discuss, our assignment seems to be pretty much decided.
Of course, I'll leave it to Spook and Weasel to discuss with Teuton just which of our teams will be defending whom. Also if the second team is the Aggressors, I vote our team are the Defenders, hooah?"

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