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Sidoci ("Sid")
OIS White Assassin

Virtue: Loyal
Flaw: Aloof

(*Stats listed after forward slash/ indicate Somaticly augmented Abilities.)

Agility - 5/10
Intellect - 7
Perception - 5
Presence - 5
Strength - 6/10
Tenacity 8/12

Secondery Attributes:
Actions: 1/2
Movement: 9 mph(22/5 ypt.)/19 mph(47/11 ypt.) (Triple Jumping Distance)
Reflex: 5/7
Orgone: 12
Vitality: 12
Drama points: 10

General Skills:
Athletics - Adept (3)
Computer - Student (1)
Observation - Adept (3)
Occult - Student (1)
Seduction - Student (1)
Stealth - Adept (3)
Language (English) - Expert (4)
Literacy - Novice (2)
Regional Knowledge (OIS facilities and protocol, London) - Novice (2)

Combat Skills:
Armed Fighting - Expert (4) [Focused (5) NEG Kendo]
Dodge - Expert (4) [Focused (5) Evade Gunfire]
Fighting - Novice (2)
Marksman - Novice (2)


White - 4
Nightvision - 0
Strong-Minded (+4 Fear/Insantiy Tests) - 0
Alluring - 3 (Includes 1 level from Asset: White)
Sexy Voice - 3
Authority -1 (OIS probationary agent)
Ally (2) Sory Henderson (Boon)

Misfit - 0 (Oddity: White)
Watched - 0 (Oddity: White)
Duty - 3 (OIS)
Fanatical - 3 (OIS)
Truly Honest - 2
Code - 2
Foe (2) Dr. Simmons (Boon)
"I always keep my word."
"I never accept reward, because my reward is service."
"I will never turn my back on a friend in need."
"I will oppose the minions of the Old Ones in all their forms."

Parapsychic Powers:

[Primary- Somatic]
Hyperagility - Adept (3)
Power Boost - Adept (3)

[Secondary - Environmental]
[Tertiary, prefered - Sensory]
[Tertiary - Manipulative]

6 cheats spent on Parapsychic Powers.

Weapons and Equipment:
Composite Katana (+3)
Composite Wakizashi (+2)

MP-6A1 Machine Pistol (+2)
Kit includes laser sight, silencer, concealable holster and 4 extra clips of ammunition.

Sentrytech Mk V Heavy Concealed Armor (1/1)

Spectrashield Light Combat Armor (2/2)
w/custom sensor suite: AR PCPU-linked HUD, Infrared, Active Sonar, Telescopic zoom with built in range finder, digital video recorder/transmiter with vital signs monitoring, and personel tracking/homing beacon.


Very Expensive and Cool clothing.

Ring of Corporeal Protection (From Cass)



Place of Birth: Neo-Tokyo Arcolgy, Japan

Sidoci (Sid-ah-key), as his name suggests was one of the very first Whites born in 2067. His father was a Japanese cabinet member and his mother a Nazzadi commander. When he was born Whites were entirely unknown and several others were being born simultaneously arround the world. Like many of them, he was immediately handed over to state custody. One of the Nazzadi scientists upon seeing the newborn, called him Sidoci, and the name stuck, amongst the Nazzadi for all of his kind. Unlike many of the other children however, he didn't dispaly any immediately obvious parapsychic abilities. Whereas some were displaying telekinetic or sensory abilities in their cribs, "Sid" as he came to be known flew under the radar at first. Shortly thereafter however he was the first to begin walking, giving researchers a hint at his hyper developed kinesthetic abilities.

Raised in government institutions, Sid is accustomed to the ways of the NEG. At 3 years old he began gymnastic training and at age 5 began the study of swordplay. His sensei instilled in him the traditional japanese viewpoint that the blade is an extension, not only of a warrior's body but of his soul. He is almost entirely single-minded is his pursuits, as professional athletes often are. The long days of his youth were filled with many many hours of training and exercise, developing his parasomatic abilities to a keen edge.

Outside of his teachers, scientist, and oversight handlers he has had few real friends, but to those closest to him he is unwaveringly loyal and dedicated. At age 12, he was appropriated by the Office of Internal Security and underwent further training in Observation and Stealth, honing him to be an elite operative and sometimes assassin. Still, in spite of his formidable physical adeptness, he has yet to unlock even a fraction of his psionic potential.

Race: "White" Terran-Nazzadi Xenomix
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 170"
Eyes: White
Hair: White

Sidoci has a hauntingly beautiful appearance even more than most White xenomixes. There is a compelling quality to his voice and body language that is only enhanced through his detached untouchable demeanor. Like his Nazzadi half, he has no self-consciousness regarding nudity, most likely a side-effect of his psychicly augmented comfort in his own skin. Because of this he is known to go topless and shoeless while not on the street displaying his perfectly defined, lithe musculature. He wears his moderately long hair pulled back into a ponytail while on duty and dresses in very fine silk suits, often in the chinese "kung fu" style. He is, however, entirely without vanity. Such a concept means little to him and he dresses in this manner out of comfort and functionality of movement.


Experience Log:

Earned: 105
Bank: 0

'Granted' Qualities (Boons):

Ally (2) Sory Henderson
Foe (2) Dr. Simmons

Purchase Log:

Asset: Authority (1): 5xp
Fighting: Student to Novice: 10
Marksman: Student to Novice: 10
Armed Fighting: Adept to Expert: 20
Dodge: Adept to Expert: 20
Hyperagility: Novice to Adept: 20
Power Boost: Novice to Adept: 20

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Name: Cassandra

Race: Nazzadi

Callsign: Warcaster

Allegiance: New Earth Government

Occupation: Sorceress

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Height: 5ft 6

Weight: 100 Lbs.


Eyes: Red

Dist' Features : Standard Nazzadi markings with pentagram on left breast

Birthday : 10th November

Place of Birth : New York City.

Natural Abilities : Night Vision, Low light 50 ft.

Attributes :

IQ : 7
Tenacity : 7
Strength : 5
Presence : 5
Agility : 7
Perception : 5

Secondary Attributes

Actions : 1
Movement : 11 mph (27/6 ypt)
Reflex : 6
Orgone : 16
Vitality : 11
Drama points : 10

Artist : Adept
Appraisal : Adept
Computer : Adept
Dodge : Novice
Marksmanship : Novice
Education : student
History : Novice
Hobby : Student
Language (Arabic): Novice
Language (English / Nazzadi): Novice
Language (Latin): Student
Language (R'lyehan) Novice
Language (Tsath-yo) Novice
Literacy : Novice
Occult : Expert
Regional Knowledge : Novice (New York City & London)
Research : Adept
Trivia : Student

Duty-2 (OIS)


Phantom Vision (First Order Scrying, Illegal)
Thieve Visage (First Order Transmogrifiation, Illegal)
Protection Spells:
Ward of Corporal Protection.

Standard Equipment:

A rune carved hockey stick, PCPU, Wireless Communicator, various crystals, incense, silver spikes, wind chimes, Occult books and anything that you would find in any self-respecting Sorceress workshop the odd Human and Nazzadi skulls.


Cassandra is an open person who would help anybody who would ask for it, for a small fee. Not currently seeing anybody waiting for the right woman or man to enter her life.

Raised in New York City she helped the NYPD on a few cases when starting out mostly bodies that have been ravaged by the EOD and a few Migou blanks. She does not at the moment carry a gun as she signed on as a specilist perhaps in hind sight she should of.

Three years later the OIS in London called wanting her in their employ.

XP :

We refuse to take sides in this anymore. And we refuse to let you turn us against one another. We know who we are now, we can find our own way between order and chaos.

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Name: Sarah-Anne Desfleurie

Virtue: Honest
Flaw: Insecure

Agility 5
Intellect 7
Perception 6
Presence 6
Strength 4
Tenacity 8

Secondary Attributes:
Actions 1
Movement 7mph (17/4ypt)
Orgone 14 (Cheat 1)
Reflex 6
Vitality 10
Drama Points 10


Regional Knowledge
Language: French
Persuade (Debate)
Law Enforcement (Evidence Gathering)


Language: English


Para-Psychic Powers:
Sensory (Primary)
Empathy 1
Psychometry 1 (Cheat 2)
Clairvoyance 1 (Cheat 4)

Manipulative (Secondary)

Enviromental (Tertiary)

Somatic (Tertiary)

Minor Empathy 2
Latent Para-Psychic 4
Erupted Para-Psychic 2
Authority 1 (OIS Probationary) (5xp)


Truly Honest 2
Duty 2 (OIS)
Ineptitude (Marksman) 2
Phobia (Medical Facilities) 2

Weapons and Equipment:

Insanity and Disorders
Insanity: 1
Disorders: None

Race: Human
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Born and raised in Paris, Sarah-Anne had always been sensitive toward others, even before her para-psychic abilities started to show. Her father, a stern figure, worked has a corporate drone and had little time for her daughter. Her mothers health was pretty weak and thus spent most of her time in treatment at the hospital.

Whenever she went to visit her mother, Sarahs latent abilities made her feel terible, the amount of negative emotion in the hospital was staggering. Sarah-Anne quickly developted a fear toward everything medical because of it and sadly had to stop visiting her mother. She died shortly after. Around her 15 birthday Sarah-Anne powers erupted fully. Fearfull of her new abilities, Sarah seeked her fathers help. He quickly realised the possibilities of having an Empath working for him. Working on her fear of anything medical, he convinced her that the OIS would keep her confined in a special hospital and if she didn't want to be lock away in a medical facility, should not register her abilities. Scared silly out of her wits she agreed with him.

Over the next few years Sarah-Anne worked has her father intern, using her powers to help him secure many contracts and a better standing within his corporation. She knew her father was using her, but even so she carried on, too scared to even think what would happen to her if she stoped now. Eventually she burned. Each timed, her father lock her away until regressed back to normal. At first it wasn't anything too serious, but after the second time, third, forth and so on, it got worse. These nerve racking moments were always relatively brief, but affected her strongly. She became afraid of her own power, believing she was loosing control over them. Then one day, during an important meeting where she was acting on her fathers behalf, she expended herself too much. All hell broke loose within her.

She burned hard. She was assaulted by emotions so strong she almost make them out in images. She couldn't even tell if the emotions were hers or not. She ran home and barricaded herself in her room, hopping it would pass quickly. But it did not. After a few days of sleepless night, she understood. She was stuck in a burn, and it would not stop. Terrified with the idea of going mad, or being lock away by her father when he would come back, she ran once more. She ran to the only ones who, in her mind, could do something to make it stoped. She ran to the OIS.

When she got to the OIS office, it didn't take long before she was noticed. Before she could make ten steps in, she was restrained, sedated and lock away for interogation. Once in interogation, she didn't hold anything back. Telling them everything they wanted to hear and anything she believed they could want to know. They were especially interested in her fathers raise to glory thanks to her. After a few hours of interogation they left her alone with a Nazzadi. He presented himself has Agent Narim, of the OIS (of course). Narim explained to her how they had began to look in her fathers activities recently, believing he was using illigal occult methods to gain status and prestige quickly. If what she was saying true, he was technicly "clean" and could not be arrested. However, if he indeed was manipulating her, they might be able to have him arrested by the FSB for abuse of autority, and they could get him if he admited he knew of her powers. Narim asked for her help in getting these confessions saying that if she could get them, her own charges would be lessen or even droped. She agreed to help them quickly.

Sarah-Anne waited for her father to come back home and upon is arrival, confronted him. She told him she would never again help him with anything, has she told him he entered a rage and started screaming and hitting her. He screamed that she would rot away in a medical laboratory if she didn't do has HE said. She would have been hunted down like the monster she was if it had not been for HIM. Her powers was HIS to use has HE saw fit. After a few minutes of incriminating screaming, the FSB and OIS agents lying in wait put an end to it all and arrested him. Sarah was brough back to the office to receive medical attention and back to her cell willingly. A few days later, Narim showed up once more and told her all charges against her had been drop. It had be determined she didn't hold any legal responsabilities toward what had happen. Knowing that she didn't have anywhere to go from now on, he offered her a job in the OIS has an investigation operative. Once more, she quickly agreed.

After a two years of training, Sarah-Anne is finally ready for field assignments. Transfering from Paris to London, she eagerly awaits her new life.


Added the +1cheat to Orgone for a +2 Orgone.
5exp bonus placed in Authority 1

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Name: Danil Eugen [D-ann-eel You-jen]

Virtue: Dedicated
Flaw: Pitiless

Agility 9
Intellect 5
Perception 6
Presence 4
Strength 6
Tenacity 7

Secondary Attributes:
Actions 2
Movement 17 mph (42/10 ypt)
Orgone 11
Reflex 7 (.5)
Vitality 12
Drama Points 10

General Skills:
Athletics Student (1)
Criminal Adept (3)
Demolitions Adept (3)
Feat (Agility-2)
Language (English) Novice (2) [Free]
Language (Russian) Novice (2) [Free]
Law Enforcement Adept (3)
Literacy Novice (2) [Free]
Munitions Novice (2)
Observation Novice (2)
Regional Knowledge (London) Novice (2) [Free]
Stealth Novice (2)

Combat Skills:
Armed Fighting Adept (3)
Dodge Adept (3)
Fighting Adept (3)
Marksman Adept (3) [Gunplay-SMG's/ Gunplay-Rifles] (1)
Thrown Weapons Adept (3)

Eidetic Memory (3)
Fast (2)
Authority (2)
Damaged (2)
Duty (2)
Habit (1) [Marijuana]
Hunted (2) [местькульт]
Misfit (3)

Weapons and Equipment:
Two RMG-14 Armorcorp Submachine Guns
RG-11 Armorcorp Assault Rifle
UT-9 "Stinger" Auto Needle Pistol
L7A2 Hand Grenades
Combat Knife (Composite)
Light Spectrashield Combat Armor
Wireless Communication Device
Night Vision Goggles with IR Illuminator
Belt Holster
Ordinary Clothing
[The grenades are only in the case of an equipment handout. He does not own or buy any.]
[3 Cheat points spent on Attributes, 5 Cheat points spent on Skills (+2 cheat points from ST)]

Not long ago the Eugen family was of great importance in Russia. The Eugen training school trained professional assassins. The best in Russia, the best in the world. Unfortunately, their Manor lay right in the path of the destruction of the first arcanotech war. Danil Eugen’s pregnant mother was barely able to reach London with the family fortune alive. His father died protecting her from a Nazzadi commando squad.

Life in London wasn’t tough for the super-rich Eugen family of two. But remnants of the Eugen training school’s upper-class faculty had survived, and had begun operations in Paris starting another assassin’s school. They had also formed a hire-out mob kill-squad organization called местькульт which handled anything from prominent political figures to low-class mob or cult leaders. They tracked down the old Eugen school funds to Danil's current house in London when Danil was fourteen. They sent two of their best. Relying on quick reflexes and quick-thinking, the border-line socially retarded Danil not only killed one of the assassins with the pistol his overly paranoid mother had given him, but shot the other in the hip and beat information out of him before turning him over to the police. Местькульт wasn’t going to have that, and the next group they sent was made up of professionals, but the objective was to capture. Such talent was not to be wasted.
When he was eighteen he was already a professionally trained assassin. But the morals that his mother had instilled in him prevented him from going all the way. His trainer, making a miscalculation, brought his mother into the class and told her to tell Danil to kill a fellow student, to advance his training. She told him never to kill innocents and always to mercilessly hunt down the guilty. The trainer hit her. Danil shot him. He barely escaped the Местькульт base alive, and his mother died, but his she sacrificed herself for him and he never forgot. He immediately contacted the OIS and told them his story, offering the location of the base he was in for a position in their ranks and a get-out-free card from his illegal background. The OIS, never one to turn down a willing lunatic, accepted his proposal.

Age 24
Height 6’5
Weight 197 lb
black Hair, amber eyes, hair kept a bit below ears in length, finger and toe nails almost always kept painted black
Personality: A very strange guy. Unable to express his opinion easily with words, Danil is… different. Not bad enough to be certifiable, but pretty bad nonetheless. Some have speculated that he just thinks on a different level. Whether it’s a higher or lower level was not specified. He has a tendency to make random, completely incongruous statements. Once you get to know/understand him and him you, he’s an incredibly loyal friend. His value as such is that he mostly never lies, and will put his life on the line for you. But, his ultimate loyalty is to the law, which he is well acquainted with and will uphold with lethal force. He is not the best team player, having trouble coming to terms with the fact that he has a specific ‘job’ to do instead of just hitting the target, but with some explaining catches on to the idea well. Known for being callous and brutal- except to females; mostly likely because of his mother.


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